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We at Knox Farm promote the “handshake deals” that our parents used to make and respect the opportunity to develop personal relationships with our customers. There are some instances we need contracts and binding agreements, but we try not to have those agreements with our tried and true customers. 

Circumstances change daily and we understand that with those changes we must change accordingly. We usually start out with an agreement and as time passes we eliminate them for the relationships we formed.

On both parts of an agreement there needs to be communication. We try our best to first be understanding and second, due to circumstances, change perspectives and the way a “deal” was originated. Try us and you will not only find us friendly but FAIR as well.

Meet Chuck

Knox Drive Farm & Feed is owned and operated by Chuck & Pam Ridder. Being in business is all attitude and intergrity. For over 15 years that is how Knox Drive Farm & Feed has operated. Pam says, we have the ability to put in what comes out of our customers mouths. It could be good or bad. We always prefer to make it good!

Chuck grew up in Nebraska on a Dairy farm, and has been involved in all aspects of farm life from raising crops to raising animals, he was with the 4-H in his teen years, they had pigs, horses, cattle and chickens.

He spent 18 years with his family before going to Technical College to earn an Associates of Arts degree in Tool & Die making. He moved to Houston in 1978 where he work for Stewart & Stevenson for 25 years as a machinist and quality control inspector.

The Feed Store was purchased and moved onto his property in 2000. After he retired Chuck and his wife put everything into the Feed Store business. After 5 years they outgrew the building they occupied and built a 6000 sq. ft. building that in now the home of Knox Drive Farm & Feed. They have 2 bays for drive-in loading.

Chuck has the knowledge of the feed he sells to give the customers enough information to make an educated decision on what feed is best for their particular animal. He takes all the time needed to make sure all questions are answered to the customer’s satisfaction.

In 2006, Knox Drive Farm & Feed was nominated as Best Small Business of the Year in East Mongomery County. Chuck attends a networking meeting every week that has over 60 businesses represented from this area, Knox Drive Farm & Feed won the Small Business of the Year Award from this group in 2006.

Knox Drive Farm & Feed has a free petting zoo in the back of the store for educational field trips, they have miniature horses, donkeys, pigmy goats and potbelly pigs. Some animals, such as peacocks and ducks roam free on the property. The turkeys and chickens are penned up, this makes it easier to sell and get eggs. All animals at the store are for sale. They donate fertile eggs to schools for incubation in the classrooms. When they hatch it is a field trip for the class to bring the chicks back and see their new home.

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